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Visiting Scholars

The Center for Comics Studies is not able to sponsor visiting scholars, since such sponsorship is the purview of departments or colleges at SDSU. That said, the Center is able to facilitate connections for scholars who wish to pursue comics research here at SDSU. 

Here are some possibilities:

  1. SDSU Library‚Äôs Comics Collections are open for public research. Anyone is welcome to use the collection; however, using the collection does not confer visiting scholar status or constitute a formal partnership with SDSU.  

  2. Those wishing to pursue status as a visiting scholar should work with the academic department that most closely fits their research. Contact us at [email protected] to begin the conversation about which academic department would be the best fit. That department can then work with you under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

The SDSU Comic Arts Collection includes more than 120,000 published comics in addition to archival collections and ephemera, mini-comics and zines, cartoons in historic magazines, and a modest amount of original comic art. Whether making plans for a short-term visit to use the collection (1, above) or a longer-term visiting scholar (2, above), please consult the Comic Arts Research Guide and/or reach out to our Comics Arts Curator to ensure we have comics that will be useful for your project.