SDSU Hepner Hall made into a comic

Center for Comics Studies

The Center for Comics Studies at SDSU serves as a collaborative and innovative nucleus of comics research, scholarship, and action.  The center evolved from the Comics Working Group, a group of cross-disciplinary faculty interested in teaching through comics, and later the Comics@SDSU initiative in 2019.  The Center for Comics Studies formalizes - and will expand on - what started as our grassroots Comics@SDSU initiative.

Beth Pollard, professor of history, and Pamela Jackson, pop culture librarian and comic arts curator, co-lead the center. The center is housed in the College of Arts and Letters and the University Library serves as a founding partner.  The Center for Comics Studies is not a brick-and-mortar location that the general public can visit (at least, not yet!).  

Comics@SDSU Center for Comics Studies



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